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New Faces

Pavana copyPavana Ramesh Chandra

Pavana has over 20 years of Software Industry experience, which includes 10 years of Software Project Management experience. She has extensively managed multi location project teams and stakeholders. Pavana has used multiple technologies and project management methodologies while handling projects from diverse domains that include Industrial automation, Security systems, Airbags. These projects included different contract types. Pavana has also trained project managers on MS Project and mentored new project managers on PM knowledge areas. She is PMP certified since 2013

Pavana always wanted to volunteer in the local PMI Bangalore chapter so that she could share knowledge, network with other project managers, learn, and grow. She feels that being part of the PM Essence editorial board provides her exposure to latest happenings in project management area. She feels that this opportunity can also hone her written communication skills and prod her to explore writing as a form of expression.


Anirban Banerjee


Anirban is a seasoned digital design executive. In his professional experience spanning over 15 years, Anirban has been actively involved in consulting, designing digital products, project management and spearheaded digital transformation initiatives. In his current engagement at ITC Infotech, Anirban is engaged as the Sr Project Manager at the Digital Design Studio. In his past experience at IBM, Anirban has led large global teams in areas of design and learning.

The PM Essence team is eternally grateful and will forever value the contributions of both Soumen De and T K Vishwanath. We will miss them both and thank them for the countless hours of time that they invested in making PM Essence what it is today.



Soumen De,

SoumenPMP has been the editor in chief of PM Essence for 6 years, before handing over the responsibility in the able hands of Tanish Mathur, PMP and his team. Over a coffee with the new editorial team, I was reminiscing how Soumen led from the front to transform the PM Essence from a seemingly unknown entity to one of the marquee brands of the Chapter. When he took the rein of Essence, it was tipped on the precipice of zero article inventory where getting article gave an involuntary shudder to the team. This prompted him to introduce various section, like PM Spotlight, PM Humor, Do You Know, PM in non traditional areas etc. along with regular PM Article section. This served as a tipping point for content generation for Essence. Today Essence boasts of healthy inventory level and variety of content that resonates so well with the readers. He designed a system where a special version of Essence could be published on last day of the Chapter’s flagship Conference, PMPC, whose impact on the Conference delegates is irrefutable. The special edition covers the highlight of the Conference till the very last day. Working with his team till 2.30 AM on the last day to publish the first Special Edition to getting it almost ready at 7.00 pm on penultimate day shows the operational excellence he was able to achieve. We are going to follow the vision laid out by him and would explore future value-adds to take PM-Essence to the next level. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavors.


Vishwanath Thanalapatti or TKV

TKV copyVishwanath Thanalapatti or TKV as he liked to be called, was the one who came up with the idea of including book reviews as part of PM Essence. He set the trend by doing the first couple of reviews himself. He was also the go to person when we needed content for the editorial. His editorials were thought provoking and has often helped set the tone for the edition.

We hope that they will both continue to contribute PM Essence content whenever the muse provokes.