PM Tips June 2019

PM Tips 

1. Know the project inside out

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be done to make a project successful is to lay a foundation strong. For this, you need to identify the clients and the stakeholders and understand their interests and expectations regarding the project. The next step would be to develop a solid project plan where the roles and the job responsibilities are clearly defined. (Reference

2. Define critical milestones

The success of the project depends upon the identification of the defining moments throughout the project. This can be done by providing the life cycle of a project which includes the main phases such as initiation, planning, execution and closure. You can perform an evaluation test after every phase. From parts of the product to the technical documents, you need all of the elements involved in the project to be perfect to make sure that it is exceeding expectations of the clients. (Reference

(Reference )

PM Tips – Contributed by Raju D Dhole, PMP

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