PM Quiz July 2019

PM Quiz :

Compiled by Himadri Sekhar Chowdhury


  1. What are Appraisal Costs in Cost of Quality?
  2. What is the function of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)?
  3. When do you use an Assumption Log?
  4. What is Autocratic decision making?
  5. What is Brain Writing?
  6. What is the objective of the Control Quality process?
  7. Which type of projects generally have multiple kick-off meetings?
  8. What does the cost baseline exclude?
  9. What is a Resource Breakdown Structure?
  10. What is the sequence of steps in a basic communication model?


  1. These are costs related to evaluating, auditing, measuring and testing the products, deliverables or services of the project.
  2. A RAM shows the project resources assigned to each work package.
  3. Throughout the project lifecycle to record all assumptions and constraints.
  4. In this method, one individual takes responsibility for making the decision for the group.
  5. Brainstorming that allows participants time to consider the questions individually before the group creativity session.
  6. The Control Quality Process determines if the project outputs do what they were intended to do.
  7. Multiphase projects will typically include a kick-off meeting before start of each phase.
  8. Management reserves.
  9. It is a hierarchical representation of resources by category and type.
  10. Encode – Transmit Message – Decode.


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