The Foot prints Sessions of General Project Management and E&C will be conducted jointly from this month onwards on Second Saturday of every month at the same Venue (i.e Hotel Royal Orchid Central, Dickenson Road, Manipal Center Bengaluru).

PM Quiz

PM Quiz :


  1. Why isn’t the project charter considered a contract?
  2. What is the Quality function deployment (QFD)?
  3. What are time-boxed periods in scheduling?
  4. How are control thresholds in cost management plan expressed?
  5. What are the components of the SIPOC value chain?


  1. Since there is no consideration or money promised or exchanged in its creation.
  2. QFD is a facilitation technique that helps determine critical characteristics for new product development.
  3. Time-boxed periods are durations during which the team works towards a goal.
  4. They are typically expressed as percentage deviations from the baseline plan.
  5. Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, Customers.

Compiled by Himadri Sekhar Chowdhury