PMPC 2019

PMPC 2019

PMPC Day-2 Sessions:


On Day-2 of PMPC The MC for session, Mr. Rakesh Jain, welcomed the guests. Quoting “Change is the only constant”, Mr. Jain emphasized the importance of being ready to encounter the challenges of any disruption. A disruption awaits us, let’s prepare for it. Mr. Muktesh Murthy, VP Membership, PMI Bangalore India Chapter, welcomed all the delegates. He recapped Day-1 with the summary of presentations done on the first day.

Keynote Address

The Making of an IT Ecosystem – Karnataka Police IT Ecosystem, Mr. Sanjay Sahay, IPS ADGP, Police Computer Wing,Government of Karnataka

Sanjay sahay

Mr. Sahay quoted, “Be the change or leave the hall!” Change is the biggest factor in achieving success. We are constantly faced with changes that can potentially transform our lives. Such changes are also equally applicable in our professional lives. As project managers we have to keep in mind how to deal with changes in technology. We also should know how to react quickly to client situations and changes in requirements. Mr. Sahay delved deep into the IT system in government offices in India and interactions with IT vendors; he pointed out the improvement areas for IT vendors and how the experience can be enriched.

The Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Manish Gupta,Co-founder & CEO,VideoKen

Manish gupta

Dr. Gupta started with the observation that Artificial intelligence is nothing new. Discussions on AI have taken place since the Turing Test and now AI is commonplace as more and more companies and individuals look at AI as the next frontier. Starting with  some interesting quotes on AI, Dr. Gupta moved on to the visible examples of AI today like Microsoft Cortana, self driving cars, and so on. The IT industry itself is trying to extend itself by working on NLP and artificial vision, being called together as Robotic Process Automation.

Dr. Gupta spoke about some of the latest developments in AI like non-touch camera-based body monitor for ICU, breast cancer recognition, video-based learning solutions and so on. It is extremely important to integrate behavioral science and other branches of science to make the learning for AI personalized and keep humans engaged. He also brought up the adversarial effects of AI, stating the example of the interesting concept of Machine Bias in relation to granting parole to future criminals.

Mobilizing to Deliver Results in a Sustainable Way, Mr. Mark Dorsett, EVP, Global Business & ICT,Prosci Inc


Agile is a mindset; it keeps organizations nimble and ready for change. Greater organizational agility translates into better results in the end, as has been revealed in surveys by several organizations. There are several agility components that Mr. Dorsett pointed out and conducted a quick in-hall survey where “increasing speed and quickness of change“ topped the list. So, how do organizations increase agility? In Prosci’s framework, there are several ways of increasing agility. One important factor in this regard is change management and how we can effectively mobilize people to deliver results in times of change. It is important to include change management into the fabric of the entire organization.

Valedictory Address:

Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation: Furthering Digital India in a Complex Landscape, Dr. Pallab Saha,President,Association of Enterprise Architects (India) & Advisor to the Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India

Pallab saha 1

In the recent past, India has seen massive adoption of digital technology. This adoption has happened at all the different sections of the Indian economy. At the government department level, there has also been a massive impact of changing technology. We now see how the different government departments have evolved with technology as well as the overall improvement in the speed of doing things. In the coming days there will also be changes in how different departments seamlessly interact with one another and how the users will be benefitted. Implementation of Digital India initiative requires a wholistic approach across state and central departments. For the whole nation to reap benefits from digital transformation, there has to be a core vision that integrates all departments and eases flow of information. Standardization is a vital aspect in this movement. To explain his point, Dr.Saha cited an example from the book “The Box” by Marc Levinson. Due to standardization of container boxes, there was sweeping changes in the global transportation industry leading to a boom in global trade.

PMPC 2019 – PM Posters (Day – 2)

Mr. Ramesh Pathak, VP, Technology PMI Bangalore Chapter, inaugurated the PM Posters. He mentioned that the PM Posters this year have been based on the themes provided to the people.

Application of Block Chain in Project Management

Chethan Krishnegowda,Senior Engineer,Collins Aerospace The topic analyzes the framework, difficulties and challenges of applying blockchain to project management and on how blockchain technology can contribute to the development and governance of numerous projects, assets and data handling. Implementing block chain can bring about the following benefits: (1) Improvements in the quality and quantity of project (2) greater transparency and accessibility of data to management & people involved (3) development of Information-sharing across different organizations which are closely working.

PARKEZE – Parking Made Easy

Mohan Kumar Karedla,Sales Head,Parkeze Parking application consisting of wholly automated vacant on Slot identification, vehicle guidance, Payment Collections with mechanism for structural loading of parking Area/floors. The app also has in built functionality to measure the vehicle occupancy index accurately. Also allows revenue maximization and aligns with smart city objectives.

Operational Excellence for Better Sustainability

Shoubik Das, VP Operations, Kalpa Power Private Limited – Solar EPC Startup Operational Excellence for better Sustainability, for a Solar EPC Startup, w.r.t (i) The positioning of the Startup (ii) Operational Excellence by the implementation of a few Project Management Practices (WBS & Cost Management) (iii) Business decisions based on the understanding of key financial ratios.

Towards Data Enabled Governance – Transforming Governance Data into Actionable Knowledge

Asha Subramanian, Head – Center for Open Data Research, Public Affairs Center Gathering, Collating and Making Data Readily usable across public sector is Broad and Challenging. Making Open Government Data easily Accessible, Understandable and Actionable and Empowering data enabled decision making through insights and intelligence from Open Government Data is vital to bring about Quality of Public Governance and bring about Growth.

Agile Made the Difference

Uday P Kulkarni,Senior Release Manager,GTS Labs,IBM India Pvt. Ltd. Software development is to be adopted for new way of working and technology changes, the Agile Way. Updates to current infrastructure are best managed with an agile approach. This helps to speed up compliance and avoid security gaps. In the world of product development, there are constantly evolving product requirements and at the same time rapid development cycle is becoming a necessity. Additionally, there are multiple delivery platforms, connected systems and distributed development teams. The need of the hour,therefore, is to reduce re-work and cycle time. The outcome of all these constraints was a customized Agile approach that included elements from Scrum and Kanban. Key components included Information Radiation board, 1-2-4-6 week plans and the Four-Square Retrospective method.

Posters picture


Venkata Niranjan Kuruvada, CEO & MD, Adwaitha SmartERP Providing innovative, cost-effective and configurable solutions and services for common business problems. Providing for Software and Service in TWO Models,as per choice of the customer.

  1. Dedicated – Product will be handed over to Customer. Needs Dedicated server and One IT engineer.
  2. Cloud Based – Product will be Maintained and serviced from our end. Customer, NO NEED to buy, Dedicatedly server and ITengineer.

The ERP includes, below listed modules, servicing every department needs in an Organization.

  1. Finance and Accounts
  2. Material Management
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Purchasing Management
  5. Sales Management
  6. Production / Processing module – customized according to client