PMI Bangalore Chapter

PM Tips

1. Know your customer

As a best project management practice, project managers should familiarize themselves about their customer. Basic knowledge of customers industry, domain and market position will help the project managers to understand the projet objectives better and communicate the same to the team. Project manager should have continuous and open communication channel with customers to keep them aligned with changes in business priorities and make changes as needed to project characteristics. Project managers also should make sure that they are making adjustments to project characteristics in line with agreed processes and procedures.

2. Use Lessons Learnt repository for new projects kick off 

During kick off for new project, most of the activities are standardized. It is also common to use standard templates for project planning and resource tracking etc. If the organization is using centralized project management tool, these activities are managed without much effort. However there needs to be focus on understanding the best practices and lessons learnt from previous projects. Some organizations have very good repository of lessons learnt from previous projects. A best practice called “Look Ahead Meeting” is mandatory meeting attended by project team to apply lessons learnt from previous projects and use them to mitigate potential risks in current projects

PM Tips – Contributed by Raju D Dhole, PMP