PM Tips 2019

Contributed by Raju D Dhole, PMP

  1. Get to know your team

The more you take the time to get to know the members on your team with care, the more willing they’ll be to go the extra mile for you when it’s needed. It also helps to understand how each member communicates, operates, and what their strong skills are so that you can delegate accordingly. You would want to give tasks to those you know will be competent and timely in getting them finished.

  1. Avoid Project Scope Deviation

One of the essential elements to succeed in achieving the project goals is to avoid any deviation in the project scope. Although we know that some change is unavoidable in any project situation, you should ensure that you keep your project scope away from crawling into turmoil. Participate in reframing the project details, if certain elements are not in favor of the project scope. In general; being a project leader, maintain a proper documentation to update all your stakeholders and keep them well-informed about the revised project proceedings.

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