Chapter News March 2020

Arun Malavalli

E&C PM Footprints: E&C PM Footprints was held on 8th February 2020. Mr. S.Dashna Murthy spoke on “Around the pumps and it’s fundamentals” and Ms. Bharati Jajoo spoke on “Ergonomics at design stages”. Over 40 participants were present.

PM Footprints: PM Footprints was held on 8th February 2020. Mr. Sumanth Shampur spoke on “Design Thinking is for Everyone”.

Design Thinking helps in solving problems in an innovative and creative way. In this session, Sumanth Shampur explained how Design Thinking can fit easily into everyone’s thought process. He demonstrated the application of Design Thinking tools through practical examples and videos.

Mr. Jayesh Kalavara spoke on “Focus People – From Bricks, to the Build and to the Brand!”. It was a full house with over 70 participants.

The biggest asset any company has is its human resources. Jayesh Kalavara made a high-impact presentation on how people culture plays a significant role towards driving business results. He also explained how elements of a values-based leadership and a learning culture sets a platform for employees in various spaces.

One day workshop: One day workshop on “PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS” was held for NGOs on 1st February 2020. It was hosted by Oracle Ltd. and 37 participants benefited from it.

PMP QUEST: 4 Days PMP QUEST Training was held on 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd February 2020.

PM Enrich: One Day Workshop on Leadership was held on 8th February 2020. Mr. Chris Fristaad, Dr. Paul Mahata and Mr. Vijay Paul facilitated the workshop. It was a full house with 57 participants.