Memoir of Webinar

We thank all our Speakers for making the webinars successful. These sessions are hosted by PMI Bangalore Chapter

CAFinalist Bangaluru 2018

E & C PM Webinars

Sl no Webinar Date Speaker Session Title PDU Code
1 06-Apr-20 Sesha Sai
Effective Scope Manageent using WBS C136NPA86K
2 07-Apr-20 Lt Col. Shri Harsha (Retd)
Bridging the Gap of stated and implied expectations C136UNZAM0
3 08-Apr-20 Tony Jacob
Role of Make Ready to Reduce Construction Time C136OT3MJE
4 09-Apr-20 Harish Bhatia
Top 3 Strategies to Work with Virtual Teams  C1367CINR7
5 13-Apr-20 Sobha Regunathan
Collating a Client Requirement Brief C1362PB3JT
6 14-Apr-20 Abinash Patro
Making India Water Sustainable with Advanced Technologies C136UAQ5O9
7 16-Apr-20 Milind Mantravadi
Smart Buildings: The Future of Sustainability C136KKCWSA
8 21-Apr-20 Sankar Subramanyam
Changing Nature of Work C136LT1MYE
9 23-Apr-20 Mahesh D Narashimurhy
Ideation to Implementation in PM practices C136WJVOPD
10 25-Apr-20 Nagesh Ramamurthy
Leading in a Crisis C136698FWU
11 28-Apr-20 Fancy George
Designing out Waste using Circular Economy C1362U23QM
12 30-Apr-20 Rudresh
Get Enlightened and Choose your Destiny C136DQJL09
13 02-May-20 Vijay Pande
Preparing for a Vertical Growth : Project Manage you Career post Corona C136OAWN7I
14 19-May-20 Nandakumar
Glass Façade and Fire Safety C136KXRNED
15 28-May-20 Divaspati N Bhatt
Unleash your potential C136QCP7P9
16 18-Jun-20 Pradeep Sangal
Methodology for Efficient Activation of Operations C1368QNRH6


E & C PM Footprint Webinars

Sl no Webinar Date Speaker Session Title PDU Code
FP-44 11-Apr-20 Arjit Bansal
Basic Guidelines of Anchor Designs and Misconceptions in Construction Industry C13616Q2UG
FP-45 09-May-20 Sachin I
COVID-19, Construction Activity Restart Advice C136PRBSTI
FP-46 13-Jun-20 Sirinidhi Ananthraman
Steel Buildings : From Design to Delivery C1362LL8UV


PM Footprint Webinars

Sl no Webinar Date Speaker Session Title PDU Code
FP- 11-Apr-20 Tanish Mathur
Blockchain and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) C136JD9BJE
FP- 18-Apr-20 Hridesh Lal
Experiences in Technology, Change Management & Role of PM C136HYI3K6
FP- 25-Apr-20 Suresh Kandasamy
Embracing DevSecOps – How to rethink Project Management for DevSecOps C1369CMIPB
FP- 30-Apr-20 Dr. Srini Srinivasan
The “New Normal” ? – Project Management after Covid – 19: A case for New Lean Innovation C136JN5Q2P
FP- 02-May-20 Raghav Poojary
How Technology is Changing Workforce Landscape! C136C7D0OV
FP- 09-May-20 Vijay K Paul
Succeeding in Uncertainty: Leadership lessons for Now and beyond C136NPRXLW
FP- 16-May-20 Bharat Iyer
The Mind of the Project Manager – Framework and tools to manage self C136H1CMVM
FP- 23-May-20 Bhavana B Rao
Driving Quality in a Big Data Program – Tight rope walk of a Project Manager C136TL7E7I