PMI Bangalore Chapter

Inner Circle

Project Management Institute, Bangalore India Chapter is the largest chapter of India and one of the largest chapters in Asia Pacific. The Bangalore Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) was founded in 1998, as an autonomous, non-profit, membership association dedicated to the science of project Management.

Chapter takes pride in its large membership base and is equally proud of its volunteers who actively runs and manages different engagements of the chapter.

Volunteering and volunteers are backbone of PMI and is the foundational core through which project management profession is being advanced across the globe by PMI.

Cognizant of the fact, PMI B’lore India Chapter is happy to introduce multiple initiatives for its volunteers based on 3E principles of making volunteering journey Enticing, Engaging & Enriching. One of these initiatives is Inner Circle.

Inner Circle is an exclusive club of volunteers which entitles inner circle members exclusivity for specific benefits. This will entitle members to enjoy specific tangible benefits which will make them feel more privileged & exclusive.

Who are Inner Circle Members?

All active volunteers of the chapter will be eligible to be members of the inner circle. Active volunteers are volunteers of the chapter who have been offered a voluntary position through VRMS and have accepted the position to offer volunteering services to the chapter in VRMS. Also, volunteer should have served minimum 60 hours of volunteering effort with the chapter. Above mentioned criterions should be satisfied within one assessment year for the purpose of eligibility. Once effective the assessment cycle will start from 1st Jan, 2021 to 31st Dec, 2021

In addition to the active volunteers, all previous EC members of the PMI B’lore India Chapter will be member of the Inner Circle. Inner circle membership of the EC members holds lifelong validity and is not under any time bound consideration. Though 60 hours of volunteering effort with the chapter should be satisfied while evaluating inner circle membership of the EC members.


Inner Circle Benefits –

  • Additional discount of 15% over and above the normal discount which chapter offers on its all paid programs.

(For e.g. normally chapter offers 10% discount; in case of inner circle members it will be worked out to 10% + 15% = 25%) 

  • In case there is no discount offered by the chapter; still inner circle members will be eligible to get 15% discount on the program price.

Similar benefit in terms of % will be applicable to specific & unique events of the chapter like Symposiums & PMPC which are paid events.

Inner Circle Members