Leadership Connect June 2020

SACHIN SOOD, Secretary and Treasurer PMI Bangalore India Chapter

Coordinated by the PM Essence Editorial Team

The Essence team got in touch with SACHIN SOOD, Secretary and Treasurer PMI Bangalore India Chapter. (sachin@pmibangalorechapter.org) and put him on the hot seat in this edition. Sachin is the treasurer and VP Memberships

Q1. Congratulations on your new role. For those who come in late… explain to us what are your roles and responsibilities and what made you take up this role?

It was more of a responsibility of running the chapter operations seamlessly rather than going in for another Election. Now, I have been entrusted with overall responsibility of running the chapter operations in a smooth and seamless manner with the co-operation of rest of the EC members and President.

I served the chapter and was associated with the chapter in multiple roles and in different capacities. In Sep, 2017 I was selected as one of the BOD’s. Since then I was honored to serve the chapter as VP-Volunteering, VP-Membership and have learnt a lot about chapter operations.

Q2. What are you vision and goals for the chapter as the Secretary, Treasurer, and VP Memberships?

My aim is to comply with all fiduciary responsibilities, improve financial statistics by introducing new initiatives and programs resulting in new member growth while containing member churn.

Q3. How is the admin council at the Chapter preserving the knowledge and experience of past office bearers and making sure that decisions are made using those insights as well?

The chapter has an active Chapter Advisory board that comprises Past office bearers. They act like the Northstar for us.

Our chapter’s ecosystem is designed in an open and transparent manner to encourage more volunteers to take up higher responsibilities and leadership roles. This prepares everyone for the next level engagement well in advance.

Q4. What do you plan to do differently this year, to become Asia’s number one chapter by memberships?

We already the number 1, we have robust plans to sustain at that level, we are analysing the trends and membership data to increase the retention rate.

We have aggressive plans to increase our member base by providing value added benefits and showcasing the worth of member engagement because – ” Good things happen when you engage with PMI”.

 Q5. How do you think we can engage and convert all those who have participated in PM Quest over the years and convert them into members? What is an ideal conversion rate?

It’s not feasible to put a number, as the chapter has trained 15 thousand plus members and Bangalore already has above average Project Management maturity and a fairly saturated market for the pure Project Management skills.  Still many patrons might be renewing membership due to corporate reimbursement. PMI has done some rationalization on the renewal fees, which will help members across all continents as now the charges are being charged in local currencies abiding with the Local Taxations.

Q6. Lighter note – How does it feel to finally get your hands on the money as treasurer :)?

It makes me more conscious and cautious  🙂

Q7. What are your ideas about the national conference that was supposed to happen this year in Bangalore.  Will it happen online?

The discussions are still in progress and will be communicated at an appropriate time.

Q8. Has the chapter established a new normal when it comes to online events?

Though COVID-19 has taught us new ways of life, we already had infrastructure in place to manage this kind of a situation, we were already broadcasting some of our events through Zoho Webinars and Facebook live. COVID-19 has further strengthened our resolve to  move to virtual events and hence we started the WEBINAR series which was conducted till May end. We are looking forward to conduct virtual events more frequently now.

Our flagship event PM Quest is also now conducted as an online program.

Q9. How does the leadership plan to encourage a culture of leadership?

The chapter has introduced a second level of governance being inducted in Chapter in the form of AVP’s supporting various portfolios.

Our current set of Volunteers who are supporting us come from a diverse range of industries and possess skills which help Chapter in many areas. We ensure to encourage this trend further.

Being a professional organisation of project Managers, we are naturally inclined to service, while all risks are evaluated in advance and succession is a key element for planning to ensure continuity in efforts to ensure maximum membership value is returned.