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Editor’s Note July 2020

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

This is an era of fear and grief and sorrow caused by Covid-19, and everyone is wondering when will it end?

There is hope emerging all around. Maybe it’s in the form of an effective drug. Or that Yoga is helping boost our immunity, or that Ayurvedic medicine is being found effective. The situation getting better or worse depends on the personal opinion and context of discussion. There is certainly positive news about the progress being made for vaccine. Multiple countries and institutions have their best minds at work. When will the vaccine be available, only time will tell, however developments are becoming more and more positive with each passing day. Managing development of the vaccine is certainly a huge challenge for the project manager working on that project. I am sure the knowledge and expertise will be really tested in such projects.

Most of us are spending time at home. Work from home (WFH) has become a new normal.

We want to go back to normal life as soon as possible. Given the facts on ground we are also aware that the new normal of wearing mask and social distancing is here to stay for some more months.

In summary, there are certainly some positives. As more time passes, our situation will only become better. Let us adapt to this new normal for some more time. This time will pass and human ingenuity will overcome all odds and ultimately come out as supreme.

Stay Home and Stay Safe

Happy reading!

Thanks and Best Wishes
Subramanyam Krishnamurthy (Mani),  PMP

Editorial Content Credit : Raju D Dhole , PMP