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Editor’s Note August 2020

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

One of the initiatives that we have taken in our pursuit of relevant content for the PM Essence newsletter, is to look at other organizations that started around the time that the Bangalore chapter was started – in the year 2000. We covered Professor Sadagopan and IIIT a few months back and this month we bring you another stellar 20-year-old organization.

It’s an interesting coincidence that they both started in ITPL.

Some of our volunteers got to E-meet the co-founder of 24[7].ai. Nags as he’s fondly called, along with Kanan the other co-founder, set up the organization during S M Krishna’s tenure as chief minister. It’s undeniable that the state government and the central government had played important roles in facilitating and encouraging this organization right from conception.

Nags comes across as a very down-to-earth person with a disarming sense of humor. He had several inspiring stories on how they grew over the last two decades. What struck out was how empathetic the founders were on understanding what it was like to work a graveyard shift. They used to roll up their sleeves and do these difficult shifts alongside their agents – sometimes handling calls as well.

They have grown through the years and have made several acquisitions over the years. He placed a lot of emphasis on getting the culture right. Which is why he says that 24[7].ai is considered one of the best places to work.

Nags says they are passionately customer-centric. He made several interesting points in the article that we released a few days earlier to coincide with 24/7 (24th July) when they planned to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

His advice to project managers was simple. Focus a lot more on the execution. And this is possible only by developing the ability to influence without power or authority. Easier said than done. He acknowledged that project managers were great with their tools and processes, but this often didn’t always translate into results. His experiences with project managers have left him wondering if they needed more training on getting things done.

There was one other topic that is important to discuss. The fiasco about the Drone maker. Sounded fantastic when we heard it initially. Till someone decided to verify the claim. You can fool some people all the time, all the people some time, but never all the people all the time.

You’d think that news like this would make everyone more sceptical about things they hear. But that’s not the case. Most people have a short memory. It is shocking how people will believe anything – without doing even some rudimentary research.

As project managers, verifying information is critical in our communication process. Let us be very careful about the information we share. And the information that we believe as the truth.

Happy reading!

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Subramanyam Krishnamurthy (Mani),  PMP

Editorial Content Credit : Nibu Thomas , PMP