PMI Bangalore Chapter

PM Member’s Corner


Vignesh Sundaram

PMI Bangalore Chapter is continually focused on improving the connect with its Volunteers. Volunteers are the bloodline for the chapter activities and operations and the chapter values their feedback and inputs. Keeping this in mind, the Volunteering Team organized the 1st edition of “Voice of Volunteers” on 29th August , 11 AM virtually.

About 30 volunteers participated in the event. One of the key aspects to the Bangalore Chapter global recognition is the wide spectrum of volunteers who come from various fields – from IT, ITES,  Manufacturing, Defense, Real Estate, Construction, Telecom to name a few. The diversity was apparent from the queries posed and feedback given. The participants shared their experiences and learning from volunteering for the Chapter and how it has helped them in both professional and personal lives.

Many volunteers had queries on means and ways of claiming PDUs. The Volunteering Team was asked to publish a list of PDU claims against Chapter Activities and through participation in EC Footprints and PM Footprints webinars. One volunteer requested the Board of Directors (BoD) to ensure that recordings of previous Footprints webinars (both EC and PM) be archived and be made available on the Chapter webpage. The BoD asked the volunteers to come forward and work towards Content Creation. Attractive and relevant content is critical towards increasing the Chapter visibility amongst professional networks and circles, and will go a long way in increasing membership and revenue. The BoD also explained that time spent on original content creation can be used for claiming PDUs. Further, having more attractive and visual content available, enables the Chapter to be more active on its nascent Youtube channel and expand reach.

Volunteers also asked the BoD to ensure that the new members are made to feel at home in the Chapter. This can be made possible by having orientation webinars for groups of new members, which showcase the Chapter organization structure, key portfolio owners and Chapter activities. Such activities immediately provide new members with networking opportunities and also encourages them to volunteer for a Chapter portfolio of their choice.

BoD also expressed concern that third parties are leveraging the Chapter’s strong social media reach to promote their vested content and interests. BoD urged the MARCOM Team to strictly regulate and moderate all the content posted on the Chapter’s social media channels.

Overall, the event was a success, as it provided an effective medium and forum for all Volunteers to be heard and have their concerns addressed. The Chapter will keep working on this important two way communication tool, and will focus on increasing both the participation and effectiveness of the event. The Volunteers thanked the BoD for organizing this event and asked that the event be conducted bi-monthly.

Please note that the next month’s issue will include member updates for both months of August and September.