PMI Webinars October 2020

Appended is the list of FREE web-based seminars (webinars*) for September 2020 exclusively for PMI Members (and some for all stakeholders).


Sr. No. Webinar Date Time in IST Webinar Title/Link PDU Category
1 01-Oct-20 8:00 PM How to Create Time to Study for Professional Certifications Despite a Busy ScheduleTechnical (1 PDUs)
2 02- Oct -20 12:00 AM Microsoft Project based topic
Leadership(1 PDU)
3 06- Oct -20 8:00 PM PMP Certification based topicTechnical (1 PDUs)
4 07- Oct -20 11:30 PM The Technology Fallacy: How People are the Real Key to Digital Transformation, especially during COVID-19Leadership(0.5 PDU) + Strategic(0.5 PDU)
5 07- Oct -20 8:00 PM PgMP Certification based topic Technical (1 PDUs)
6 08- Oct -20 8:30 PM Learning Organizations and Projects
Leadership(0.5 PDU) + Strategic(0.5 PDU)
7 08- Oct -20 8:00 PM What’s the Difference between CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and DASM or CDA (Discipline Agile Scrum Master) or (Certified Discipline Agilist)? Technical (1 PDUs)
8 13- Oct -20 8:00 PM PMP Certification based topicTechnical (1 PDUs)
9 14- Oct -20 8:00 PM Personal Risk Management: Surviving 2020 and BeyondLeadership(1 PDU)
10 14- Oct -20 09:30 PM Tips and Tricks to Improve Engagement during Virtual MeetingsLeadership(0.5 PDU) + Strategic(0.5 PDU)
11 15- Oct -20 8:00 PM Disciplined Agile Certification based topicLeadership(1 PDU)
12 16- Oct -20 12:30 PM Project HEADWAY: Practical LeadershipTechnical(1 PDU)
13 16- Oct -20 06:30 PM The Agile Enterprise: Spotlight on Agile Implementation FailuresTechnical(0.25 PDU), Leadership(0.25 PDU), Strategic(0.5)
14 19- Oct -20 09:30 PM Getting Under the Hood of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition Part 5: A System for Value DeliveryNon PDU webinar
15 20- Oct -20 01:00 PM PMP Certification based topicTechnical (1 PDUs)
16 21- Oct -20 8:00 PM Project Risk Management/Subcontract ManagementTechnical(1 PDU)
17 21- Oct -20 11:30 PM Rescheduled: Boosting Organisational Value through Smarter Portfolio ManagementTechnical(0.25 PDU), Leadership(0.25 PDU), Strategic(0.5)
18 22- Oct -20 10:30 PM Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Utility Scale Solar ProjectsNon PDU webinar
19 22- Oct -20 01:00 PM Disciplined Agile Certification based topicTechnical (1 PDUs)
20 27- Oct -20 09:30 PM Your Program and Project Management Career in the Next DecadeLeadership(0.5 PDU) + Strategic(0.5 PDU)
21 27- Oct -20 01:00 PM New Curriculum – How different is the new ATP?Technical (1 PDUs)
23 29- Oct -20 01:00 PM Disciplined Agile Certification based topicTechnical (1 PDUs)


Note: PMI certificate holders and members: You would need to link your PMI account with portal in order to ensure that PDUs get auto reflected/updated in your CCRS. Also PMI Members have access to premium content on The webinars shared from other sites are captured for the purpose they fit in the 10 Knowledge areas and one needs to register well in advance to attend the same as each webinar has a maximum capacity listed to it. As they do not have link to PMI one need to manually claim them in CCRS.


Following table provides the list of pre-recorded webinars which you could watch as per your convenience:


Sr. No. Webinar Title/Link
1Common Ground Webinar Series Season I – Episode 1 to 12
2Common Ground Webinar Series Season II – Episode 1 and 2
31 Reason Why Project Managers and Business Analysts Fail: BEING TOO SOFT!
4Build Bigger, Better, Faster Robots: A Blueprint for Effectively Scaling RPA to the Enterprise Level
53 Keys to Get Project Stakeholders Off the Sidelines and Into the Game
63 Ways to Increase Your Project Team’s Productivity: Aligning People and Process
75 Critical Components of Project Success
85 Project Management Best Practices You Can’t Live Without
95 Secrets to Virtually Cut Your Meeting Time in Half!
105 Steps to Better Requirements Peer Reviews
117 Secrets to Defining Requirements for Package Software Selection: Preparing an RFP for Application
126 Steps to Prioritizing Your Business Requirements
137 Steps to Writing a Business Use Case
148 Ways to Stand Up, Get Counted and Make a Difference
1510 Components to Designing an Effective Business Model