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PM Open Space Webinar 2020 Series

PM Open Space is the initiative and brain child of PM Practitioners started in 2016 by PMI Bangalore Chapter with collaboration, sponsorship and active involvement from like-minded corporates – ABB, HPE, Huawei Technologies India and SAP Labs India, in which, proven achievers share their success story and details of contributing factors in addition to detailing accomplishments working in Global markets. UST Global has come on board as a supporting organization in Q4 2019

The speakers are drawn from innovators, history-makers and those in a position to take decisions which would blaze a golden trail in the corporate and societal world. These are actionable sessions led by practitioners from organizations that can share tangible best practices that we can apply to our business situations.

She has guided a large number of students & ten (10) of them have completed PhD.

She is involved in two major projects.

  1. She is the calibration scientist for the UV Imaging Telescope (UVIT) on board India’s first space observatory, ASTROSAT.  She compiled and predicted its performance before the launch, planned and completed calibration after its launch. She also developed a mandatory user tool for safe observations of the telescope.
  2. She was heading the Indian team of the Observatory software, completed the delivery of Common software in 2019 for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which is being built by an international consortium with India as a partner.

Awards and Fellowships:

  • Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences.
  • Life member of International Astronomical Union and Astronomical Society of India.
  • Kavli Fellow, instituted by Kavli foundation, USA and National Academy of Sciences, USA.
  • Recipient of C.V. Raman Young scientist award for physical sciences, from the Karnataka Government for the year 2018.