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Editor’s Note November 2020

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

If you are reading this edition, you are either already a project manager, or aspiring to be one. And somewhere along the way, many of us have become certified project management professionals as well. Some of us took the test like any other test we have in the past and got through. Others were not so lucky, and may have had to make another attempt and hope to have had better results.

One thing is certain. You cannot do the same thing and yet expect different results. Einstein had a term for it – Insanity. And this applies to certification programs as well. So if you are re-attempting the PMP examination, what can you do differently this time? Even as a first timer, there’s one article you must read.

In this edition, we talk to one such candidate who attempted and completed the certification – all online. If you have attempted the exam in the past and haven’t been able to clear it, then his story is intended to inspire and encourage you to give it another shot. He also mentions some tricks that helped him

Nobody remembers Edison because of his failed attempts. They only remember his success. Which is what you also need to remember. The PMP exam is a tough nut to crack. But it’s not impossible. A little grit, lots of preparation and some courage (not to mention the fees!) Is all you need to try again.

With the pandemic disrupting the way every business works, PMI has also had to adapt. The exam can now be taken at home – which is good news for those who haven’t cleared it yet.

The other article we have is about how most events that were once conducted physically, are now being done online. What does it take to conduct one of these events? What are some best practices, what is the process, and who are the stakeholders involved? How do you get good speakers? Where do you look? Who do you talk to? Now that the events are online, what platforms are popular? If you are planning to conduct an event online, especially if you have been conducting them as physical events in the past, then the article about organising a virtual conference is a must read. Brij Sethi as usual will delight you with his book review about productivity!

And something that’s always been a rewarding experience is sharing your knowledge with the rest of the community. With so much emphasis placed on communication, it’s an opportunity to improve your written skills, and be a published author.

Happy reading!

Thanks and Best Wishes

Subramanyam Krishnamurthy (Mani),  PMP

Editorial Content Credit : Nibu Thomas, PMP