Star Volunteers

Here, we shine the spotlight on our star volunteers from PMI Bangalore India chapter who have made immense contributions through their dedication and passion and have been highlighted by PMI India. This is your opportunity to know a little bit about these remarkable men and women from our practitioner community.

June 2020


Project Manager, IBM India

Assistant Vice President, Technical, PMI Bangalore Chapter

Been a PMI member since: August 2017

What attracted me to PMI: Global standards and best practices in project management, and opportunities to learn, network, and grow

My dream project as a project manager: To manage a project that involves nation building.

My proudest PMI volunteer moment: Being part of the organizing team of the Project Management Practitioners Conference of Bangalore chapter. Also, graduating as a PMI India Champion.

A life lesson I learned as a volunteer: Active volunteerism fulfils your heart.

I am looking forward to: Taking up more volunteering opportunities and serving the project management community.


Project Manager, IBM India

Assistant Vice President, PMI Bangalore Chapter

Been a PMI member since: 2015

What attracted me to PMI: Networking, learning new things, meeting people.

My dream project as a project manager: First web-services project in my organization. Developed seamless web interface with a third-party vendor. Earned respect within the organization.

My proudest PMI volunteer moment: Listening to the presentation on the Statue of Liberty during Project Management Practitioners’ Conference 2019.

A life lesson I learned as a volunteer: Expect nothing. You will learn new things, meet new people, and make new friends.

Looking forward to: Life with the new normal with new energy

Feb 2020

D. John Peter, PgMP, PMP

Program Management Professional

Volunteer, PMI Bangalore Chapter

Been a PMI member since: 2008

What attracted me to PMI: Developing project management skills is my passion. The chapter is where I can find project management knowledge. It gives me the opportunity to learn from fellow project managers and share it with the community. PMI programs have helped me personally and professionally.

My proudest moment: Becoming a member of the organizing committee of the Project Management Practitioners’ Conference

A life lesson I learned as a volunteer: Stakeholder engagement, particularly the importance of ‘committing less and delivering more’

A person who inspires me: Stephen Covey for his books and concepts of managing activities successfully through four quadrants

Looking forward to: Participating actively in PMI chapter events and programs, particularly project management conferences and conducting knowledge-sharing sessions