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Editor’s Note December 2020

Editor’s Note

Is sustainability a goal in your projects?           

Dear Readers,

As we emerge from the burning embers of a global pandemic, this edition looks at an oft trumpeted but frequently overlooked issue. Sustainability is a globally discussed topic and a part of every Project Manager’s vocabulary. But the subject of sustainability is still reserved in the last row when compared to key project metrics such as Schedule, Cost and Quality. This edition looks at sustainability from different angles and as a practice and culture.

I have had a relationship with the subject since the nascent stages of my professional career. Whether during my experiences in the field of Renewables or during my time in Facilities & Real Estate, Projects with a focus on sustainability have played a key part of my work routine. My brush with sustainability also extends into my personal space and hobbies and my fellow contributors have had similar experiences, and we are thankful to them for having put their thoughts into an engaging read.

The first article is from an Adventure Race Director and an ex-IT entrepreneur on how sustainability played a key role in shaping the thought process behind her events and races. This article also provides interesting insights on how daily routine meetings and team interactions can promote sustainability.

The second article looks at addressing the issue of sustainability at the source itself. Conventional energy reserves are still the biggest sources of energy worldwide. However, against a depleting fossil fuel reserve and a burgeoning middle class across developing nations, how can the ever increasing energy requirement be met. This article dives deeper and understands whether it is viable for project managers to look at sustainability as a relevant  discussion and what is the cost associated with it. Is it possible for individuals to become champions of sustainability and this discussion takes a long hard look at where the current generation stands on this topic.

Corporate Workplaces are trying to adopt technologies that can bring down their energy consumption. The final article is a topic close to my heart and a key driver of energy optimisation projects in Commercial Real Estate.  With the increasing demand for comfort at the workplace (among other expectations) and with stringent energy mandates in place, how can buildings use every unit of energy efficiently? Since comfort cooling is the major energy guzzler, we look at one such project which tackles this issue of energy optimization using the novel concept of Energy Based Maintenance.

Major corporations around the world have ingrained sustainability as a workplace culture already. But this subject seems to remain merely as a lip service in many spheres and there is still a long way to go in incorporating Sustainability as a project performance index and as a pillar of business performance. PMI as a community and organization has always championed sustainability through green practices and effective business continuity planning.  Each of us can make a difference if we consider sustainability as a goal in the projects we handle. Just being cognizant of the concept is a good way to start. We hope the articles in this edition ignite ideas and inspires action  in implementing sustainable practices in the projects you manage.

Happy reading!

Thanks and Best Wishes

Subramanyam Krishnamurthy (Mani),  PMP

Editorial Content Credit : Vignesh Sundaram, PMP