PMI Bangalore Chapter

New Board of Directors joining PMI 2021

New Board of Directors joining PMI Bangalore Board from January 2021

Mr. Balakumar Chinnaiyan

VP – Membership

Bala has over 17 years of product & program management experience in the field of healthcare product development. He is currently leading the indigenously developed Computed tomography medical products in India for India and for the world.

Kartik has over 20 years of corporate experience. Project, program, portfolio management and PMOs have been a passion and interest. His latest focus of interest is the impact of emerging technologies on project management.

Mr. Kartikeyan Ramamurthy

VP – Academic Relations

Ms. Priya Batra

VP – Special Programs

Priya has 20+ years of experience in complex/ multi delivery project executions and solution designing. Priya is an expert in identifying and executing business opportunities, Portfolio Management, Strategizing business development and expansions inline with organizational goals and objectives. Priya is a passionate trainer and content developer for various disciplines of Project Management.

Raju has 20+ years of experience in Project Management. Raju’s motto is “Do Basics Right” and “Keep Things Simple”

Mr. Raju Dhole

VP – Marketing & Communications