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PM Guest Article February 2021

Voice of Volunteers

Lakshmi Ramachandran

Lakshmi Ramachandran is an enthusiastic Program Manager, working in Software Applications Delivery and Services for about 20 years in multiple domains. Specialized in Agile enablement within the organization and at the customer site. She is currently managing Sustenance Services in the IoT Platform group at TCS Bangalore. A passionate and active volunteer at PMIBC.

Volunteerism helps people actively seek opportunities to assist others in need, make considerable and continuing commitments to assist, and sustain these commitments over extended periods.

To provide a platform to the chapter volunteers and prospects, Chapter has launched VoV – Voice of Volunteers (VoV). In this bi-monthly VoV event, volunteers can connect and share their experiences, interact, and understand future opportunities. PMI Bangalore India Chapter hosted the Second Edition of VoV – Voice of Volunteers on 19th Dec 2020. The enthusiastic participation of volunteers, including senior and new members of PMIBC, helped achieve the event objective.

Members shared their volunteering experience and provided insight into volunteers’ activities across multiple events conducted by the Chapter. With the strengthened VRMS tool, volunteers across the Chapter get visibility and recognition as a reward for volunteerism. Every event is an opportunity to network, collaborate, exchange, and implement concepts to further the Project Management.

The value adds each event brings; the kind of exposure volunteers get as a reward of participation was discussed. As one matures, the role, you get the opportunity to explore more, interact & build interpersonal skills, substitute quickly in uncertain situations, and eventually leads to progression towards taking up an immense sense of responsibility.

We encourage Essence readers and all our well-wishers to come forward, participate, and share your valuable feedback and suggestions for a more cohesive & encouraging world of Volunteering.

As part of this connection, we received valuable inputs, appreciations, and pointers to improve volunteering visibility. We thank you for all the helpful feedback, and members of the Volunteering portfolio team will work on these suggestions. The suggestions are summarised below for quick reference.

  • As VoV would be Bi-Monthly, publish activity-wise volunteer names for two months
  • Spotlight –> Pickup one topic or a person to discuss/showcase achievements
  • Whiteboard –> Understand the pulse of volunteers and cater to needs for, e.g., NGO opportunities, others, etc.
  • New joiners can connect via VoV
  • Highlight the plan of quarterly events
  • Have personal connections with volunteers; publicize volunteers as ambassadors as we have around 3000 members

The event includes VPs’ open position vision, share positions in NGO, etc., not listed in VRMS.

  • Providing a connect with Senior Volunteers as a Faculty to mentor/guide interested volunteers
  • Share details on the selection process for Volunteering
  • How to attract more members?

We look forward to more enthusiastic and rewarding Volunteering in 2021 with kind support and many more hands to make the PM World more happy & energetic.

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