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PM Open Space Webinar 2021 Series

PM Open Space is the initiative and brain child of PM Practitioners started in 2016 by PMI Bangalore Chapter with collaboration, sponsorship and active involvement from like-minded corporates – ABB, HPE, Huawei Technologies India and SAP Labs India, in which, proven achievers share their success story and details of contributing factors in addition to detailing accomplishments working in Global markets. UST has come on board as a supporting organization in Q4 2019

The speakers are drawn from innovators, history-makers and those in a position to take decisions which would blaze a golden trail in the corporate and societal world. These are actionable sessions led by practitioners from organizations that can share tangible best practices that we can apply to our business situations.

Understanding that PM Open Space’s greatest asset is the PM Industry Practitioners we serve, every quarter we will present you with opportunities to connect virtually and learn with the PM community. Please join us to connect with peers, answer pressing questions and find inspiration to keep improving. Check out the Calendar of our 2021 events below! These are in webinar format only till we come back to normal situation when we can revert to live events.

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PM Open Space 23rd July 2021

LISTEN, INTERACT AND LEARN from the person who has been featured in the list of World’s Top 20 #AI Influencers in 2020 and  World’s 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN AI 2021


Head Consulting & Services @ Microsoft Italy

Topic :

Are we ready for Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the key to a new human-augmented era.

A new world is being shaped, where computers work intelligently on our behalf and with us, rather than under our direct input. Immense opportunities are created by the combination of almost limitless cloud computing power and the digitization of our physical world, with the Internet of Everything.

An amazing future is therefore ahead of us, where AI will create new businesses in ways previously unimaginable and will help us to solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

It is just amazing, wonderful, and sometimes overwhelming, but… are we ready for Artificial Intelligence?

3 key takeaways:

  • Democratizing MISSION of Artificial Intelligence
  • Democratizing ACCESS to Artificial Intelligence
  • Democratizing USAGE of Artificial Intelligence

Learn three priorities we should all share in preparing for an inclusive, trusted and socially positive AI-augmented world 

Profile : 

Plays a leadership role on innovative projects with special focus on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms and serves as General Manager for Microsoft Consulting & Services, which includes business and technology advisory, digital architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals dedicated to delivering on Microsoft’s mission of empowering people and organization to achieve more.

Mr. Fabio Moioli is also a Member, Forbes Tech Council | Faculty @Harvard, SingularityU, MIP | Artificial & Human Intelligences | AI TEDx

Date :  Friday 23rd July 2021
Time :  02 PM – 03 PM