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Editor’s Note March 2021

Personal Branding and Executive Presence

We see it all the time. It’s not just from people who get to the top. It’s a question that’s haunted the most successful people. How do I manage the way people perceive me? Is it the way I want to be perceived? Can I do anything about it?

Some people are natural leaders. It almost seems like some sort of template was used in their design. And they inspire their folks with hardly any effort.

On the other hand, we have people who are desperately trying to fake it. Till they break it. The harder they try, the more palms and faces we will need.

And as people move up the value chain, this aspect sometimes makes or breaks their chances of being a nose ahead of the competition.

CK in his article talks about executive presence. And how to be perceived as a leader. It’s not a formula that you can follow and expect overnight success. Consider them as guidelines. If there is a beautiful way to sum up his thoughts it’s by asking this question “Is your absence felt as much as your presence?” With 40 plus years of work experience, and has been one of the first CEOs of Airtel, you can’t get a better perspective.

Gurpreet continues the story. Now that you are an executive, what are some characteristics that you must exuberate? How important is emotional intelligence? How fair are your decisions? What is your source of authority? Are you regarded for your wisdom? And very importantly,  how do you handle failure?

What sets the human race apart from other creatures.  It’s the expression of emotion. Imagine if all you could do was bark irrespective of whether you are angry, or sad, or hungry, or excited! But emotions can also be a bane if they are not controlled when they need a rein. EQ is also extremely important to personal branding. Manisha continues her thoughts on the subject in part two of her article.

There’s one more aspect that you should not miss from these authors. Something that truly sets your brand apart. It’s the ability to tell your story well.

Thanks and Best Wishes

Raju Dhole, PMP

Editorial Content Credit : Nibu Thomas, PMP