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PM Guest Article May 2021

How To Handle Work Injuries In A Construction Project Management

– Hamza

Employees are considered to be an asset to the company. The good the employees are, the successful a company is. But some businesses are more concerned about their profits and try to minimize the costs by compromising workers’ health.

It especially happens in the construction sector. Supervisors are more concerned about the completion of a project instead of their workers’ health. But successful project management isn’t possible without the satisfaction of employees. For their satisfaction, you should give them the due wages and provide safety at work.

Often, project managers (PMs) fail to tackle the workers’ injuries at work and create problems for them. In this post, we are going to have a look at why workplace injuries are bad for a project manager (PM). Why is it crucial to deal with injuries at work? How to tackle the injuries at work for a successful construction project management?

Despite that, we are more inclined towards the construction sector in this post. It is merely for understanding. Almost every project management is a threat of injuries at work. Hence, you should know how to handle them. Let’s get started:

Are Work Injuries Threat For A Successful Project Management?

Some managers don’t even pay heed to the work injuries thinking it to be an unnecessary part. But it can be threatening not only for the project or PM but also for the company. Let us get started to know more about how injuries at work are a threat to a company.

1.      Delay In Project Completion

Sometimes, injuries can be serious that may require the workers to be at home instead of working. It may result in the loss of working days. If frequent accidents start happening at work, more and more workers will be absent from work. Substituting this workforce on an immediate basis may not be possible. It may lead to a delay in the project. Subsequently. It may create problems not only for the PM but also for the company.

2.      Bad Reputation of A Project Manager

The job of a manager is to keep track of everything and ensure a smooth workflow. If that doesn’t happen, it may question their managerial skills. Injuries at work can delay the project and decrease employees’ satisfaction that can cast a slur on a manager’s name. It is the job of a manager to make sure that the employees are getting everything they need to work safely.

3.      Increased Number of Accident At Work Claims

Accident at work claim is the amount of compensation that is given to the victims of a work accident. It includes everything from their medical and travel expenses to the victim’s loss of earnings, work-related benefits, and the cost of structural changes. It may be a huge burden on a business. To reduce the injury at work claims against the business, you have to bring down the number of injuries at work.

How To Reduce Work Injuries For A Successful Project Management?

Till now, you have come to know about how work injuries can be a pitfall for a manager and a business. It’s time to know some precautions. Being a project manager, you should know how to reduce the number of accidents at work to ensure a smooth workflow. Let’s have a look at the five ways to bring down the number of accidents at work.

1.      Provide Safety Equipment

A construction site is full of risks. Getting hit by a falling object, stepping on a nail, and tripping against an object are some of the most common injuries in it. The best thing to do is to provide your workers with a helmet, long shoes, and other kinds of safety equipment to reduce the number of accidents at work.

2.      Provide Training To The Workers

Some workers aren’t experts at working with machinery. If there is a new piece of machinery or a worker is not trained properly. Give them proper training before getting them to work with a particular piece of machinery. It will certainly bring down the number of injuries on a construction site.

3.      Hire A Trained Staff

Instead of training the old staff, you can also hire someone who has years of experience in the field. An expert can do the job with perfection. Being a manager, you can significantly reduce the number of accidents simply by hiring trained staff. But still, never undermine the importance of training. Always train them whenever purchasing new equipment or changing their work nature.

4.      Regularly Inspect The Machinery

Injuries by operating faulty machinery are also common in the workplace. Workers have even lost their lives working with an out of order machinery. That is why you should hire mechanics who will inspect the machinery after regular intervals to keep it working properly. You can also reduce a significant number of injuries by doing this simple trick.

5.      Take Care of Employee’s Health

This one isn’t just related to the injuries at work but focuses on the workers’ health. Sometimes, workers have to work under sweltering conditions that may lead to heat-stroke or some other health conditions. Being a manager, it is your duty to make sure that the employees are getting a health-friendly environment.

Bottom Line

Accidents and injuries at work can be a challenge for a manager. When you start managing a construction or other project, always keep the workers’ safety and health above anything else. The real project success is to complete the project without compromising the health of the workers.