PMI Bangalore Chapter

PM Member’s Corner May 2021

Membership Transactions:

We welcome all new members and thank members who have renewed their membership in April 2021

Members completing their anniversaries in April 2021

There are a total of 96 chapter members who have completed their anniversaries in April 2021. We from the chapter would like to thank them all for being with us through thick and thin and support us for these long years. Some of the notable long terms (10 years and above) are given below.

15 Years (Since April 2006)

  • Chezhiyan Anandaraj
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Varadaraja Gorur


13 Years (Since April 2008)

  • Niranjan Joshi
  • Sridhar Narayan
  • Shreenivas Bhat


12 Years (Since April 2009)

  • Shivaram Vedula
  • Kiran Sahadev
  • Manjunatha B.V


11 Years (Since April 2010)

  • Bindu Valapil
  • Pawan Sinnurkar
  • Kumar M