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Editor’s Note June 2021

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

What place do working women hold and represent in India’s workforce ? In this edition, we will get to know from a contributor who is working on tomorrow’s technologies, understand the thoughts of one of the first proponents in India of gender equality in the workplace and also hear from a quintessential working mom who dons many hats. I want to highlight some interesting facts. The Global Gender Gap Index measures the participation of both genders in the workforce across all sectors and levels. India is ranked 140th out of 156 countries that were part of the Global Gender Gap Index Survey 2021. Significantly , India was ranked 112th in 2020 , a shocking fall of 28 positions in a year. Interestingly ,women in India earn on an average 1/5th of the earnings of the male workforce. India not surprisingly is in the bottom 10 of this global indicator. I will leave you with this thought as we delve into this edition.

More and more women have started working on cutting edge technologies and many are at the forefront of the next generation of computing . The first contribution is from a seasoned project manager who is following her passion for Data Science. Technical in nature, this article talks about a universal framework which can be applied by Project Managers across industries for data mining.

Then we have a thought provoking article from one of the star professor’s from Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore. She talks about the historical perspective of the female workforce, about their Career Persistence & Career Centrality and what organizations like PMI can do to build a pipeline of Women Project Managers.

Working mothers have always had it tough, even more so in this current pandemic and work from home environment. They have always been great managers and great delegators . This article picks up from where the previous ended and shows us some valuable insights on how to strike the perfect work-home balance.

We hope that the time you spend reading this edition is enriching and we sincerely believe it’s your reflection on our content that keeps us motivated. We would love to hear back from you.

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Vignesh Sundaram