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PM Guest Article June 2021

The Working Mom-Striking the perfect balance

Deenaz Jahagirdar

Presently working with CONNECT Training Organisation across Karnataka. I possess a Master’s Degree and a PGD in International Air Travel and Tourism. A corporate trainer with 15+ years of experience and have so far trained 100,000+ candidates. I also train students on Business Communication and Competitive exams.

Working mothers or corporate mothers or mothers who are simply homemakers are all epitome of love warmth and understanding. Only difference is the way they balance their professional life and family, These days the trend is more of working mothers. They have the freedom to choose to be a working mom. However, with freedom comes responsibly. So how do you think they manage their freedom and discipline in life??

Basically, it is all about time management and prioritising the work. The working mom is no less than a true leader. swayed between work at office and work at home, striking a balance between the two is quite a challenge. Consequently, they learn to prioritise things efficiently. A mother needs consider every aspect of the home front as well as office, introspect and take a decision. They are like a captain of the ship, failing to take a right decision could cause disaster.

Smart moms build a strong career and a disciplined home front…  Their financial independence gives them the confidence and hence they have an edge over the mothers who are home makers. They invest smartly, keeping in mind the recurring expenses and for the unexpected challenges that might come their way.

Exposure adds to their thought process. So they are more practical in life resulting in making their kids become more independent and good managers in life. Recent years working mothers have a good affect on their children in many ways.

They have a balanced leadership that encourages discipline, collaborative and tolerant attitude, innovative ideas that helps balance the equation. Office matters are smooth and at the home front kids learn to handle things effectively, consequently become independent and assertive. They inspire them by encouraging their kids in the initiative they take to handle responsibility. This in turn instills courage, a secured feeling in the young minds. It helps them excel in skills like decision making and problem solving.

A close friend of mine who is a corporate mom, needs to travel at length for two weeks, sometimes three. Upon asking about her experience as a corporate mom, she says: * It is challenging but nothing is impossible. I plan and chalk out things well in advance. Accordingly make arrangements at office as well as home, for things to function smoothly in my absence *

 Outsourcing is one of the tricks of time management. Outsource time consuming jobs, which can be handled by others. Be it office or home. Break the job into smaller chunks of work and hand over each part of the job to someone who you feel can handle the job well. At home, have trusted and reliable house help even if you have to shell out a little more. After all, pursuing your dreams or making ends meet – everything comes with a price!

If you have teenage kids at home, things become a lot easier if you entrust them with some responsibilities every day. For eg: As soon as you get up from bed, fold the blanket, tidy the bed, each one his own. Assign kids the tasks of settings reminders for important tasks. They are really good at it. Paying bills can be taken up by our male spouses. If not, simply get used to handling cash transactions online. These days a click of the mouse can simplify things. And something worth mastering if you are not used to. Having elders at home? An untold blessing! Entrust some responsibilities to them too! Be empathetic, it makes a huge difference! Whether it’s house help, colleagues, kids or parents. …After all in this evolving world, all that one lacks is love understanding and human touch!

These days with work from home, things have become a lot easier. However, as I said earlier everything comes with a price. You need to maintain the office decorum-need to be a professional though at home. Attending meetings, online sessions, connecting to work and people online, o need cooperation from the family members to help you work without disturbance. Here, multitasking is the key. The kids witness their mothers as “working women” at home and draw inspiration from them. They see their different facets of a real working mom- their emotional balance, the office professional, a great cook, a caretaker, an advisor, a mentor, a teacher, a doctor…. above all a super human being!

Be it a garden, a kitchen, kid’s online classes, work from home desk- A working mom strikes a perfect balance!!