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PM Guest Article July 2021

Successful Project Managers are  Great Marathon Runners

Vedamurthy Mallikarjunaswamy  

Vedamurthy is a Project Management Leader at Ingersoll Rand. He possesses proven Track record with 21+ years’ experience with Project & Program Management, Product Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Team Leader, Engineering Excellence and with handling Customer facing projects.

Every Marathon is like a new project. Each marathon can be broken down into five stages: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. Further, every race cam be broken down into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The initiation stage involves identifying the race and the dates. Planning involves the training program and then collecting the race bibs, scouting the start point etc. Execution involves implementing the take-aways from the training program. Monitoring and Control involves listening to your body and ensuring your physical and mental well-being through the race. Closing involves the cool down routine, savouring the success of race completion and posing for photos.

It is quite easy to identify the parallels in project execution. Marathons teach us strong planning, execution and patience. It helps us to utilize the available resources efficiently and also helps in improving our risk management strategy. On successful completion, it provides us with a sense of lifetime achievement. They also help us in reflecting and identify the opportunities to improve. It is no wonder running a marathon is quite similar to executing projects successfully. This gives us an insight into why successful project managers are Great Marathon Runners.

~ Compiled by Vignesh Sundaram