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Editor’s Note August 2021

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

“When there is harmony between the mind and heart and resolution then nothing is impossible” ~Rig Veda

The word ‘Harmony’ rings a bell to my Project Manager persona. This is what as project managers we always try to achieve between team, between Project goals and resources, and between the famous triple constraints.

In this pandemic time, every professional deserves accolades for trying to create a harmonious symphony between work, health, up-skilling, family, and personal well-being.

This month’s ‘PM capture section’ contributed by Suhas KC shows a harmonious blend of color and architecture that nature is crafting.

Our first Guest article is from a Project Manager who is sharing her journey of completing PMP certification with a harmonious balance of work, family, and study schedule. Our fellow readers can take some very useful inputs to plan their PMP certification from this article.

The next Guest article is from a seasoned Project Manager, sharing his experience and learning on a difficult and time-consuming process – “Estimation”. In his article, he is sharing a simple seven-step Estimation process that can be utilized in Projects from various industries by minor tweaks and changes.

The next article is an excerpt from July’s E&C PM Footprint session. It summarizes the insights on Program management, Practices, Challenges, and Trends in Aerospace Industry shared by our Guest Speaker Mr. Hardik Someshwar. The Aerospace Industry is quite unique for its complexity, safety, globalization, technology, and this article will give you a quick snapshot of Program management in Aerospace.

Rest are the regular popular sections – PM cartoon, PM Quiz, Chapter news, and Member benefits.

A great amount of learning comes from reading and listening to inspiring colleagues. PM Essence is thankful to numerous guest speakers and writers who share their learning and experiences. PM- Essence editorial board knits articles, excerpts from various sessions along with our regular monthly sections for our readers.

I am thankful to our readers for sharing their precious time with the PM Essence team by reading this newsletter and providing their feedback.

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Team Essence
Editorial Content Credit : Roona Shree

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