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PM Guest Article August 2021

Hands-on Stakeholder Management for PMP Exam

Indupriya Sasidharan  

Indupriya Sasidharan is PMP certified Project Manager with 13 plus years of experience. She is a strong believer in the quote “words have power” and is passionate about writing & public speaking.

As I prepared for my PMP exam last year, little did I know that Stakeholder Management was something I was constantly working on and gaining experience.

For which Project you ask?

The project was the PMI PMP exam itself and one important stakeholder was “Family”.

I knew at the start that if I need to achieve this, the “High Power, High Interest” stakeholders need to be onboard with the plan.

For a working mother of a 5 year old, whose support system includes an equally busy IT Professional spouse, parents and in-laws, it was important that these stakeholders know & understand the Project well in advance. The communication had to be adjusted as per age and knowledge. The ultimate deliverable was communicated to all and no negotiations were accepted. However, I did inform them that in uncalled for situations, the timeline can be adjusted but that would impact the budget heavily.

Inputs: Verbal Agreements, Project Documents, Enterprise environmental factors like no domestic help during lockdown times.

Tools & Techniques: Expert Judgement & meetings across the dining table

Outputs: Stakeholder register with encouraging & confidence building statements & Change Requests by 5-year-old

Plan Stakeholder Management:
The output of this exercise was a detailed plan for 3 months which was prepared based on inputs from external stakeholders like colleagues & friends. This was communicated to the family:

A couple of days before the exam, stakeholders needed to be aware that I will not even converse, so that I get into the zone and full cooperation is expected.

Manage & Control Stakeholder Engagement:
A comprehensive list of changes made to the plan was shared with these stakeholders regularly. Due to work related requirements, the plan had to be shifted to the right. It was important to get a sign off from the stakeholders for continued support.

Issue Log: Delay in final deliverable due to work related commitments.

Risk log: Delay in final deliverable would impact “Festival Season” (starting August every year).

Mitigation: Re-prioritize & focus on deliverable

After putting in a tight schedule, slipping from it slightly which impacted the budget, constant re-prioritizing and with 100% cooperation from my key stakeholders, the project was completed on 27th August 2020 – Indupriya Sasidharan, PMI PMP Certified !!