PMI Bangalore Chapter

PM Quiz August 2021

Compiled by Nikita Pareek


1. _________________Agileshowsyouhowtoeffectivelycombine strategies from Scrum, Kanban, SAFe®, and many other approaches in a tailorable and scalable manner.

2. The Disciplined Agile (DA) mindset is captured in the form of ___________, _______and________

3. ______________ project lifecycles are characterized by an emphasis on specifications of requirements and detailed planning during the beginning phases of a project

4. _____________ lifecycles for projects are characterised by progressive elaboration of requirements based on short iterative planning and execution cycles

5. Adaptive Projects are often decomposed into sequence of phases called __________

1.  Disciplined     
2.  Principles, Promises , Guidelines 
3.  Predictive        
4.  HighlyAdaptive/Agile 
5.  Iterations