PMI Bangalore Chapter

PM Quiz September 2021

Compiled by Nikita Pareek


1. Project cost budget consists of __________ and  ___________

2.  _____________estimating techniques should be applied where the customer / senior management is expecting a very high level of accuracy.

3. Earned value management integrates three components to form the ‘performance measurement baseline. These are _____________ ,____________ &_______________.

4. A software development project requires establishment of a server. The cost of the server will be classified as___________ cost.

5. It is important to ascertain how the project will meet the monetary requirements. _______ output from “Determine Budget” process takes care of this.



1.  Cost Baseline + Management Reserve

2. Bottom-up Estimating

3.  Scope, Schedule, and Cost baselines

4. Direct

5.   Project Funding Requirements