PMPC 2016
PM Posters Speakers
H L Uma
Apple's Enterprise Agility through Effective Product Portfolio Strategy
Mrs. UMA H L
Portfolio Management Consultant,SABCONS Project Management Consultants
The story of Apple's transition from a nearly written off company to the most admired brand in the world
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Shankar Thayumanavan
Strategic TenX Mindset for Success
Mr.Shankar Thayumanavan
Managing Partner,Ash-Hubs Leadership Institute (ASLI)
Did you know that 10x growth is easier than 2x growth ?
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Ms. Jyothi Gupta
Make in India Igniting the Manufacturing Sector
Ms. Jyothi Gupta
Business Development Manager(Architecture),Commercial buildings and Airports,Larsen and Toubro Construction
Make In India - Do you think it is doable ? Or, Will India miss the bus ?
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Project Nirvana - Agile way
Mr. Manikannan S
ABB shares their best practices
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Vinay C
Dual-track Enterprise Agility
Mr. Vinay C
Program Manager,SM Netserv Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Understand the Rapid Response Enterprise (R2E) Organization Model
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Vinay C
Design Thinking & DevOps for a Digital Future
Mr. Ashok Kumar Mysore
Head, APAC, MIG Business Excellence, CGI
Is digital evolution affecting your Business Agility ?
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Mr. Sudeendra Koushik
Innovator & Intraprenuer: A Model to Describe an Innovators & Intraprenuers
Mr. Sudeendra Koushik & Ms. Pragya Dixit
Why be on your own ? Be an intrapreneuer
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Ms.Pragya Dixit
Mr.Raghavendra Rao Shyamrao
Organization Design for Enterprise Agility
Mr.Raghavendra Rao Shyamrao
Erricsson India
Ericsson shares their best practices
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Sachin Shivpur
Designing a industrial product in IoT vertical - next IT revolution( Industrie 4.0)
Mr. Sachin Shivapur
CEO,Crevavi Technologies Pvt Ltd
Find out more about smart factories and Industrie 4.0
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Mrunalini M
Secure Transactions in Payments
Mrs. Mrunalini M
Project Manager, Silicomp India Pvt. Ltd
Protect youself from online credit card frauds
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Mr.Pradeep Singh
Can a classical approach work to coach agile teams
Mr.Pradeep Singh
Find out about the 9 step classical approach
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Ms.Amrita Deepak
Ms.Amrita Deepak & Mrs. Eswari Rao
Deutsche Bank India
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Ms.Eswari Rao
Niladri Choudhuri
Agile Portfolio Management for Sanity
Mr. Niladri Choudhuri
Linking deliverables to business results
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Mr. MVN Kashyap
Jaagruthi - for that world class work culture
Mr. MVN Kasyap
Head Corporate Traaining and Profiling,Buoyancee
Learn how to increase your involvement & ownership on the job..
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Arjun Rao Chavala
Adopting cloud based project management
Mr. Arjun Rao Chavala
Chief Consultant,Arc Alternatives
Risk & Opportunity loss, if you do not move to cloud based PM
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Mr. Ahmed Reyaz
Project Management excellence in delivering world class global design projects
Mr. Ahmed Reyaz
Operations Manager, GDC Major Projects India, Atkins
Atkins shares their best practices
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Mr. Magesh M
Professional Growth & Success
Mr. Magesh M
Director, Bumblebee Leadership Institute
What should a professional do to achieve growth, fulfillment & success?
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Mr. Suresh Sarguna
Forensic Schedule Analysis - is it a Project Management Paradox?
Mr. Suresh Sarguna
VP Project Management, Karle Infra
Learn how to quantify delay in Schedules + assess responsibility & financial consequences
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